Sunday, 2 December 2012

Dishonored Mask Process

this is the process at which i created my Dishonored mask
I used Mod Roc to create a basic shape of a face and then built on that to create a skull like shape
Then i vacuum  formed that to create the same plastic shape without the weight
I then paper mached the plastic mask to make it stronger and to stop it from losing its shape
After that i added the eye parts i cut using a precision lazer cutter and glued them together
I cut the eyes out and shaped some metal strips to make the jaw
I cut the mask in half while leaving a section out and kept the two parts together by weaving metal wire into the plastic and having a nose shaped to fit in the newspaper
I attached to the mask and covered it with a piece of metal
I cut and stiched the inner part of the mask as well as test the jaw wire
I then replaced the wire with string which I then painted gold

and i attached it all together
The entire project took me three weeks to complete
and was quite alot of fun despite the time it took

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